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Discussion on the Construction of Experimental Training Room in the School of Fashion Design under the Concept of "Student-centered" Vocational Education

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DOI: 10.23977/eeim.2018.041


Yang Ruijia

Corresponding Author

Yang Ruijia


The quality of practical teaching is the embodiment of the competitiveness of vocational education. The high-quality completion of the practical teaching platform is, in the final analysis, the construction of the experimental training room, which covers the systemic, diverse and complex construction of the experimental training room. It is necessary to start from researching and building a group of experimental training versatility that is consistent with the teaching and integration of vocational design students in vocational colleges, analyzing and researching for the purpose of cultivating a batch of high-quality and high-skilled professionals and improving students' competitiveness and survivability. This paper focuses on the "student-centered" principle, taking Sichuan City Vocational College as an example, and expounds the construction of experimental training room in the process of improving the quality of running a school and forming a unique school-running specialty, combined with the characteristics of vocational education. It is intended to provide reference for the construction of experimental training rooms in similar institutions.


Practice, Platform, Training Room

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