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Research on Improved RGB-D SLAM Algorithm based on ORB Feature

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DOI: 10.23977/icmit.2018.003


Binbin Xu, Pengyuan Liu, Junning Zhang

Corresponding Author

Binbin Xu


The research content of this paper is the contrast experiment of the improved RGB-D SLAM algorithm and the classical RGB-D SLAM algorithm, RGB-D SLAM V2, ORB SLAM algorithm in their real-time feature and accuracy, to verify the effectiveness and superiority of the improved algorithm. Firstly, the improved front-end, loop detection and back-end modules are integrated into the classical RGB-D SLAM framework to form an improved RGB-D SLAM system. Then the TUM data set is simulated, and the evaluation criteria are front-end time, trajectory error, and building visibility. Experimental results on standard datasets show that the improved algorithm can achieve even better results than the existing mature algorithms.


SLAM, Depth camera, Real time, Accuracy

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