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Resource Combinatorial Optimization for Mobility-aware STDMA MAC Protocols

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DOI: 10.23977/icmit.2018.005


Siqian Cui, Yingyuuan Gao, Bin Li and Zhou Lu

Corresponding Author

Siqian Cui


In this paper, a Mobility Pattern Adaptive Resource Combinatorial Optimization (MPARCO) algorithm is developed for mobility-aware STDMA MAC protocols in multi-hop wireless networks. The underlying problem entails the optimal joint link scheduling combined with the simultaneous assignment of transmit power levels and data rates across active mobile links. We develop a mathematical formulation for maximizing throughput and/or power efficiency under corresponding constrains. Then, we solve the problem with Discrete Dynamic Programming (DDP) depending on different mobility patterns. Finally, based on the solution, we propose our low complexity distribute MPARCO strategy which can be generically embedded into any existing mobility-aware STDMA MAC protocol.


Energy-efficient, Combinatorial Optimization Problem, Discrete Dynamic Programming

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