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Effect of Shot Peening on Surface Integrity of AerMet100 Steel

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DOI: 10.23977/icmit.2018.009


Qian Ang, Jin Ping, Tan Xiaoming, Wang De

Corresponding Author

Qian Ang


This paper studies the effect of shot peening on its surface properties for AerMet100 ultra-high strength steel. Scanning electron microscopy and white light interferometer were used to analyze the effects of shot peening on the surface morphology, roughness, hardness, residual stress and element content of the samples. The results show that after shot peening, a large number of craters remain on the surface of the sample, resulting in obvious plastic deformation; The surface roughness is increased, and the arithmetic mean roughness is 1.33µm; The hardness is significantly increased, the hardness of the outermost layer is increased from 476HV before shot peening to 497HV, and the depth of hardened layer is about 150µm; The residual compressive stress value of the surface layer of the sample is increased from -375MPa to -475MPa, the maximum residual compressive stress value is about -518MPa, located at a depth of 50µm from the surface, and the residual compressive stress layer formed by shot peening has a depth of about 134µm; The mass fraction of C, Si, Cr and other elements in the sample after shot peening increased slightly. Shot peening improves the surface properties of ArerMet100 steel material to a certain extent, which is beneficial to improve its fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance.


Shot peening, AerMet100 ultra high strength steel, roughness, hardness, residual compressive stress

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