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Research on 3D Face Recognition Technology

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DOI: 10.23977/icmit.2018.010


Qian Ma

Corresponding Author

Qian Ma


In modern society, information technology is constantly developing, and user security issues have become one of the most concerned issues. Traditional password authentication cannot meet the needs of modern people, and face recognition technology is extremely effective. The way to authenticate users is strongly supported by various industries. The 3D face recognition technology is a typical biometric recognition technology, which utilizes the unique characteristics of the user's bio-metrics to protect the user's information security. This technology has the advantages of complete non-contact information and strong independence, which greatly reduces the traditional recognition technology due to restrictive factors such as expression, age and environment. This article is related to 3D face recognition technology. An overview and key technologies are presented in their entirety.


3D face recognition, network re-sampling, feature extraction, key technology, biometric

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