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Propagation Characteristics and Channel Model of Short Wave Radio Waves at Sea

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DOI: 10.23977/icmit.2018.011


Guanzheng Zhang

Corresponding Author

Guanzheng Zhang


Aiming at the propagation characteristics of HF radio waves in the ionosphere and complex ocean environment, this paper introduces the modeling method and analysis method of HF radio propagation model on the sea from the aspect of signal fading. Firstly, a reflection model of ocean signal is established, in which the loss of electromagnetic wave propagation consists of three parts: free space loss, ionospheric loss and sea surface reflection loss. Secondly, the ship sloshing caused by ocean waves is modeled in three-dimensional. Then, the ocean signal reflection model is improved by considering the earth curvature and the antenna receiving gain caused by the antenna angle change. Finally, a marine signal reflection model suitable for ships to run on high seas is established. In this paper, a series of algorithms, such as simulation and analysis, are used to obtain a theoretical model of marine channel which is applicable to different maritime communication environments (different carrier frequencies, different communication distances, different ship sloshing forms and different sea conditions). Compared with the actual data, the model can better reflect the model.


Signal reflection, 3D modeling, Simulation analysis

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