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A Task-oriented Conceptual Design Method for New Types of Equipment

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DOI: 10.23977/icmit.2018.012


Bin Liu, Tonggang Yu, Baojun Wu, Kaiquan Xiang

Corresponding Author

Bin Liu


In the new equipment design process, the conceptual design phase is at the beginning of all designs, but it is also the most important phase. Therefore, researching and implementing the functions of new equipment is the core issue of its conceptual design. It has very important practical significance to improve the innovation and efficiency of new equipment design, reduce equipment cost and improve competitiveness. By referring to relevant research results at home and abroad, this paper combines the function, behavior and structure features of new equipment, and combines the task-oriented new equipment design process, proposes a FBS method, and gives specific implementation steps and applications. Examples can provide a new research approach for new equipment concept design.


Conceptual design, task-oriented, function, behavior, structure

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