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Simulation and Experiment of Piezoelectric Injection Dispensing Valve

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DOI: 10.23977/icmit.2018.013


Guobin Lei, Hong Hu, Ruifeng Li, Jian Chen, Junhao Shao

Corresponding Author

Hong Hu


In recent years, dispensing systems have been used more widely, and various kinds of precise liquid distribution systems are in great demand for dispensing technology. In this paper, a jetting dispensing valve driven by piezoelectric ceramics is proposed, which takes advantage of the good response and output characteristics of piezoelectric ceramics. The jetting dispensing valve is mainly composed of a piezoelectric ceramic driver, micro-displacement amplifier, mechanical needle, and nozzle. The FLUENT is used to simulate the flow field analysis in the dispensing process. The phase diagram and velocity cloud diagram of the jetting process are obtained. Through the experiment, the influence law of feed pressure, dispensing cycle, and needle stroke on jetting dispensing is obtained. In the dispensing consistency experiment, in the case where the nozzle diameter is 0.1mm and the nozzle and substrate distance is 4mm, a dispensing array having an average diameter of 0.311mm is obtained, with a dispensing consistency error of 6%. The efficiency and accuracy of the jetting dispensing valve have been improved.


Jetting dispensing, piezoelectric driven, flow field analysis, micro-displacement amplified

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