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Research on Data Auditing Mode in Big Data Environment

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DOI: 10.23977/icmit.2018.018


Yingli Wang

Corresponding Author

Yingli Wang


In the big data environment, the data center is a resource pool for the collection, processing, storage and sharing management of audit data. It is an important platform for data aggregation and decentralization. However, at present, the data centers in China are too scattered and regional, and it is difficult to implement auditing. Data integration and sharing between agencies and ministries is not conducive to the smooth progress of audit data aggregation and decentralization in the big data environment. In order to better play the "immune system" function and realize the modernization of national governance, this paper takes the data flow as the main research perspective, and proposes that the national audit should conform to the development of information technology, adopt advanced technology, integrate the national data center, and coordinate the central and provincial governments. The city integrates auditing big data resource pools in an all-round way, and builds a cloud platform for auditing big data with high-efficiency data processing technology--"cloud computing" as a carrier to improve the aggregation and dispersion efficiency of audit data streams.


Cloud computing, Audit big data, Aggregation and decentralization, Audit data center, Audit hybrid cloud platform

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