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An Improved Direction-preserving Trajectory Simplification Algorithm

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DOI: 10.23977/icmit.2018.021


Pengfei Hao, Chunlong Yao

Corresponding Author

Chunlong Yao


There is a lot of valuable information in the trajectory data, but the sheer volume of data creates challenges for storing and analyzing data. Therefore, the simplification of the trajectory data is particularly important. The directional information of the trajectory contains a large amount of semantic information, and the trajectory contour can be well maintained based on the directional simplification. The algorithm in this paper, is based on the improvement of the classical direction-preserving simplification algorithm DPTS. The directed weighting graph is used to obtain the unique path according to the shortest path algorithm. The experimental evaluation shows that the average direction error is declined under the same compression ratio.


Trajectory data, direction-preserving, simplification

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