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Design and Implementation of AR Vehicle Display Model Based on Unity3D

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DOI: 10.23977/icmit.2018.025


Ruan Weihua

Corresponding Author

Ruan Weihua


Augmented reality technology is a technology that combines real information with virtual information. It is difficult for people's facial features to feel the reality information that computers imitate in reality. Through this technology, this kind of virtual electronic information can be transmitted to the real world, which is felt by people, and the reality is mixed, so that people can experience the fun of the virtual world. In this paper, 3Dmax is used to model the car model in three dimensions, then the unity3D is used to construct the virtual car model and environment, and the Vuforia toolkit identifies the object feature points, so that the model of the 3D car can be generated in the virtual scene, the way of real and virtual interaction, to achieve the experience of experience in the real world.


Augmented reality, Unity3d, Virtual and real interaction

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