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Research on Optimal Design of Driving Controller for Continuous Software Robot

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DOI: 10.23977/icmit.2018.028


Lin Rongxia, Lu Xinghua, Fan Yuchang, Lin Xiaohong

Corresponding Author

Lu Xinghua


Aiming to improve the precision of driving link control of continuous software robot, a driving controller is designed, and a driving control law of continuous software robot based on dynamic inversion integral error compensation is proposed. Controller design mainly includes control algorithm design and controller hardware interface design. The control law of dynamic inversion integral error compensation is designed to improve the quality of driving link control of continuous soft robot. The central controller, driver module, optical ranging module and driving module of driving link controller are integrated. The optimization design of driving controller for continuous software robot is realized. The experimental results show that the controller has higher precision, better robustness and error correction ability, and improves the precision of motion control of the software robot, and the response time of the control process is shorter. The stability of the robot driving rod is guaranteed.


Driving link, control, continuous flexible robot, optical sensing, distance measurement

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