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A Simple LED based on WiFi Environment Design and Implementation of Lighting System

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DOI: 10.23977/iceccs.2018.012


Xiong Qiangqiang, Liu Jianpeng, Zeng Meilin, Li Ke, Fang Xiaojuan, Xu Wenlei

Corresponding Author

Xiong Qiangqiang


Along with the national energy conservation policy for the deepening of LED lighting to replace the traditional incandescent lighting has become mainstream, but at the same time the development of wireless communication technology makes the LED lighting unit individual nodes of the network into reality. To this end, proposes a LED lighting system based on the network environment, the system uses STC12C5202AD microcontroller as the core, through the WIFI wireless communication module ESP8266 as the data transmission, so as to achieve the ULN2987 chip for the LED lighting system and its control drive. The experimental results show that the average packet loss rate is less than 5%, the average time is less than 2ms in 10m, and to meet the functional design requirements.


WIFI, LED Lighting, Wireless Communication, STC12C5202AD

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