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Design and implementation of automatic obstacle avoidance car control system

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DOI: 10.23977/iceccs.2018.017


Hu Yanan

Corresponding Author

Hu Yanan


In order to control the accuracy of the car during operation, to ensure that the car is safe and stable in the running process, using the STC89C52 as the control core, the car hardware selection, drawing process flow chart. Finally, through the combination of software and in-kind, using modular design ideas. The control system for debugging several times to achieve the car from the obstacle to the cycle of detection, display, alarm, automatic obstacle avoidance, variable speed driving, and automatic parking, reversing. So that the speed of the car can be controlled, in the process of moving speed will not be too fast, and obstacles can be maintained at a safe distance.


Obstacle avoidance car, Ultrasonic sensor, Motor driver, PWM

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