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Research on the Development Strategy of Internet + Sports Tourism Industry Base on the SWOT Analysis

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DOI: 10.23977/iceccs.2018.019


Cheng Li

Corresponding Author

Cheng Li


Using the methods of literature induction, content analysis, field examination and regional contrast, this paper makes a perspective of the development of Internet + sports tourism industry from the perspective of SWOT, which shows the inevitable trend of the integration of Internet + sports tourism industry. It has the advantages of rich resources and strong integration, but the market development is difficult. The disadvantage of the lack of professional talents, online sports tourism market trading scale growth opportunities, as well as fierce market competition and external risk factors more threats. It has put forward the optimized development strategy of the Internet + sports tourism industry, attach importance to industrial services and improves service quality; combined with industrial intelligence, create and optimize the sharing platform of the network service industry; build a community network platform which integrates tourism, sports, sports and leisure in one, and improve the quality of the whole people's sports; guided by the government's policies. Also, we should establish a compound talent training mechanism and create an Internet + regulatory platform, with a view to promoting the integration of the Internet + sports + tourism industry.


Internet + Sports tourism, SWOT analysis, Industrial convergence, Development strategy

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