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The Estimation of the Socioeconomic and Environmental Impact of Rural Road Updating in Congo

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DOI: 10.23977/iceccs.2018.030


Yuyan Liu, Xinbo Ma, Leijie Xu, Yang He and Xin Li

Corresponding Author

Yuyan Liu


Rural road updating is one of the most effective approaches for local economy improvement, and the updated road may also influence the social and environmental development of the surrounding areas. This paper selects a section of rural road in Congo for upgrading research. The road is firstly divided into 15 sections and then the AHP method is used to address the issue of section ranking. Based on the assumptions and calculation results, it also discusses the social, economic and environmental impact of updating this road. As an example of the impact research of upgrading rural roads, this paper may provide basis for future studies.


Rural Road, Socioeconomic and Environmental Impact

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