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Innovation of Network Information Security Research on Network Marketing Strategy of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Big Data Era

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DOI: 10.23977/eeim.2018.054


Feng Jujun

Corresponding Author

Feng Jujun


With the development and maturity of internet technology and computer technology, economic activities begin to develop towards network. Enterprises gradually realize the importance of internet market in the process of development and construction. With the help of big data development and construction, they begin to carry out network marketing with each other. However, with the development of enterprise network marketing activities, enterprises have gradually come to realize the difficulty of network marketing, personnel and capital issues are more prominent, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. There is a big gap between small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises, and the implementation of network marketing strategy is more difficult. Because of the lack of scientific management concepts, most of the small and medium-sized enterprises ‘network marketing ended in failure. Therefore, under the background of big data era, this paper makes an analysis and research on the network marketing strategy of small and medium-sized enterprises, understands the importance of network marketing in the development and construction of small and medium-sized enterprises, combines with the problems existing in the network marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises, and puts forward pertinent suggestions for the network marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises, hoping to help small and medium-sized enterprises in Further development and construction in the era of data.


Big data era, Small and medium enterprises, Network marketing

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