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A bibliometric analysis of scientific literature on cloud manufacturing

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DOI: 10.23977/icidel.2018.007


Huixing Nie, Aihui Sun, Jinhong Zhong

Corresponding Author

Aihui Sun


Cloud manufacturing is the result of cross-convergence of advanced information technology, manufacturing technology, and emerging Internet of Things technologies, which is the embodiment of the concept of manufacturing service. In recent years, the research on cloud manufacturing has been growing rapidly. It is a significant work to analyze the core authors, core institutions, field hot spots and development directions from a quantitative point of view, which might be provide quantitative references for follow-up research. We selected 463 scientific literature which documented from 2010 to 2017 on the Web of Science and conducted a bibliometric analysis of this papers. Using the visual network analysis tool CiteSpaceIII, this paper draws a scientific knowledge map of cloud manufacturing research and reveal the research status of cloud manufacturing in an intuitive way, including the annual output of papers, the number of authors in a year, the annual input-output ratio of papers and other time distribution, institutions, author and other spatial distribution, keyword co-occurrence network, research frontier and other content analysis maps. The results show that the research on cloud manufacturing has a roughly increasing trend, and the number of scientific research achievements and input personnel are increasing either. Scholars such as Zhang L, Tao F and Ren L and institutions such as Beihang Univ, Univ Auckland, Wuhan Univ Technol have published a relatively large number of documents. The number of articles published by Li bo-hu, Tao F, Zhang L, Ren L was cited more frequently and has a high impact. Research hot spots are changing over time, it is diversified with the progress of the times.


Cloud manufacturing, Knowledge mapping, CiteSpace, Bibliometric analysis

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