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Analysis of the Influence of the “The Belt and Road” Strategy on China's Foreign Trade under the Big Data Era

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DOI: 10.23977/icidel.2018.021


Ran Zhang, Xiang Li

Corresponding Author

Ran Zhang


In recent years, the big data technology has emerged as the times require with the development of the Internet and information technology, and its rapid development and application have brought about earth-shaking changes in social life. In the process of promoting the “The Belt and Road” strategy in China, how to use big data effectively to seize opportunities, meet challenges, and seek a more appropriate mode of foreign trade development has also become an important issue. The purpose of this paper is to analyze how Chinese foreign trade companies can play a comparative advantage in the era of big data, improve the foreign trade environment, improve the pertinence and scientificity of decision-making, accelerate product innovation, and promote industrial structure upgrading. At the same time, timely response is given to the existing risks arising from big data analysis, and an early warning mechanism is established to avoid risks.


Big data, “The Belt and Road” strategy, foreign trade

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