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Analysis of Unique Technique of Metaphor and Analogy in Poems of His Heart

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DOI: 10.23977/etmhs.2017.1013


Xu Ping

Corresponding Author

Xu Ping


Ruan Ji was a famous poet in the Wei and Jin Dynasties (A.D.220—589). His masterpiece, the eighty-two Poems of His Heart, has not only profound ideological contents, but also the unique artistic features of excellence. This paper mainly analyzes Poems of His Heart in a large number of unique metaphors, which is more profound understanding of the art of poetry connotation. Through in-depth analysis of the text, and to the metaphor and analogy of ancient poems traditional study, and compare of Ruan Ji's poetry style and other poets, recognizing that Ruan Ji in inherits the predecessor especially on the basis of Qu Yuan's poetry. The technique of metaphor and analogy was developed and innovated, making the poems more subtle and meaningful.


Ruan Ji, Poems of His Heart, Technique of Metaphor and Analogy

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