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Application research of physical ID in the whole process of disposal of waste materials in the State Grid

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DOI: 10.23977/icidel.2018.030


Yonghuan Hu, Jian Wang, Feng Xiao, Fengna Dong, Yongxu Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yongxu Zhang


In order to deepen the application of product life cycle management (PLM) in enterprise and realize the full-stage closed-loop standard of asset life cycle, to focus on the analysis of the key and difficult problems in the traditional waste material management process, to find out the application method of asset uniform identity code in the management of waste materials, to analyze its positive impact on the management of waste materials and overall asset management and information construction at the current stage. According to the application of physical ID at the current stage, the deep application of product life cycle management (PLM) in enterprise information construction is expected.


The physical ID, Waste materials management, Product life cycle management

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