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Analysis of Supply Chain Information Sharing Mode Based on Big Data

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DOI: 10.23977/icidel.2018.053


Weijun Lei

Corresponding Author

Weijun Lei


With the wide application of Internet technology, enterprises have formed a large amount of data in the production and operation process. By using big data technology to realize the sharing of supply chain information between enterprises, it plays an important role in improving the operating efficiency of enterprises. This paper first analyzes the concept of regular supply chain information sharing, shared subjects, shared content, and typical sharing patterns. On this basis, research on the application of big data to supply chain information sharing, research on content sharing, information acquisition, different data conversion processing and application methods of supply chain information sharing based on big data, especially based on large The data sharing chain information sharing model is constructed and analyzed, and the theoretical system and application mode of enriching the information sharing of the entire supply chain are discussed.


Big data, Supply chain, Information sharing, Data storage

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