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Application Research on Construction Project Management Contract Management

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DOI: 10.23977/icidel.2018.063


Fang Zheng

Corresponding Author

Fang Zheng


In the market economy, the transfer of property mainly depends on contracts, especially engineering projects, with large targets, long implementation time, and many coordination relationships. Contracts are therefore particularly important. Therefore, all parties in the construction market, including construction units, survey and design units, construction units, consulting units, and supervision units, must rely on contracts to establish mutual management. Under the conditions of market economy, the management of engineering construction should be carried out in strict accordance with the law and relevant regulations, and the contract management system in the construction field should be implemented. The relevant departments have done a lot of work. Contract management is the core of modern project management. The complete contract system is contract management. Form basis. As the main legal form of property transfer, once a contract is valid, it will inevitably produce a corresponding legal relationship. In a market economy, it is especially important to rely on contracts to regulate and determine each other's rights and obligations. The implementation of any construction project is achieved by signing a series of contracts. The importance of the contract is unquestionable, but the contract text was developed because of the state’s concern about the construction contract. But are these contract texts really suitable for the unit? Is there really no risk?This paper intends to address the problems existing in the current domestic project contract management, and put forward some suggestions for personal improvement for reference.


Contract management, project management, relief, law

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