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Spatial Distribution, Terminology Hotspot and Evolution of Water Resources Research

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DOI: 10.23977/icidel.2018.088


Li Feng, Yang Hu

Corresponding Author

Li Feng


In this paper, based on JCR and SCI paper data,there are 5000 literature data for the study, which come from the ISI Web of Science database included in the field of water resources five representative international journals published in 10 years. Through the CiteSpace software analysis and processing of relevant citation data and keyword data, in the form of knowledge map combing the field of water resources important academic literature and its representative task, The related patterns are generated, knowledge mapping method and citespace software were used to analyze the distribution of research area network, authors’ information network, research focus and knowledge base network of the water resource theory research. It shows the regional and research institutions in the field of water resources, the key node literature and the hotspot keywords, the main research orient, etc. Revealing the research power distribution information, knowledge base and research hotspots, and development front of information management disciplines.


Water Resources, Research Domain, Spatial Distribution, Evolution, Terminology Hotspot

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