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Simulation and Experimental Investigation on Micro Electrochemical Drilling of Deep Micro-Holes by using High-speed Spiral Electrode

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DOI: 10.23977/icidel.2018.093


Yong Liu, Chunsheng Guo

Corresponding Author

Yong Liu


In order to realize the fabrication of deep micro-holes, an electrochemical drilling process with high-speed micro spiral electrode is introduced. Firstly, the numerical simulation of the gap flow field was carried out. The simulation results show that with the increase of the electrode rotating speed, the gas film with good insulation effect around the electrode increases rapidly, which can eliminate the taper and improve the machining localization greatly. At the same time, with the increase of the electrode rotating speed, the enhanced mass transfer is performed well, which can improve the machining efficiency significantly. Secondly, the influences of predominant parameters such as rotating speed, feed rate, applied voltage and pulse frequency on machining localization were analyzed. Finally, the deep micro-holes with no taper, which the diameter is less than 400μm, the aspect ratio is more than 10, were fabricated successfully on the nickel-based super alloy.It is proved that the micro electrochemical drilling process with high-speed spiral electrode for fabricating deep micro-holes has a huge potential and broad application prospects.


High speed, Micro spiral electrode, Electrochemical drilling, Gas film, Deep micro-holes

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