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Control Network Reconstruction of Nickel Plates Packaging System

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs.2018.001


Zhao Zhengtian, Rui Zhiyuan, Duan Xiaoyan

Corresponding Author

Duan Xiaoyan


In this paper, an Automated Nickel Plates Packaging System, its functions, and its hardware architecture are introduced. This paper analyses the causes of the control system Profibus-DP communication failure in detail, and proposes a method of building subsystem, by partly giving up Profibus-DP, using TCP/IP communication among subsystems, and removing strong interference sources VFDs from the communication net. After control net reconstruction, the Automated Nickel Plates Packaging System has recovered its previous stability, and new control network brings equipment repair convenience.


Nickel plates, packaging system, communication failure, profibus-DP, subsystem, control network reconstruction

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