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Application of Negative Feedback Control Algorithm in Controlling Nonlinear Rolling Motion of Ships

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs.2018.017


Qiguo Yao, Yuxiang Su, Lili Li

Corresponding Author

Qiguo Yao


In order to describe the nonlinear phenomena and to find the regularity of ship rolling motion, the mathematical model of ship nonlinear rolling motion is built. The Lyapunov exponent curve is used to judge the chaos phenomena of ship nonlinear rolling motion. The nonlinear method of the negative feedback control algorithm is applied to control the chaos phenomena and to obtain the appropriate range of the negative feedback coefficient k so that the nonlinear phenomena are mitigated. The results show that the method can achieve a satisfactory control effect.


Ship rolling motion, nonlinearity, chaos, negative feedback algorithm

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