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Design of Multi-parameter Monitoring System for Indoor Air Quality based on Wireless Sensor Network

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs.2018.021


Bo Chang, Xinrong Zhang, Jiang Mingxin

Corresponding Author

Bo Chang


According to the actual demand of safety monitoring of indoor air quality, low power ZigBee wireless communication technology and micro controller chip, this paper designs a kind of air quality monitoring system for routing monitoring function to realize the unified data management and network, to provide the basis for the evaluation and improvement of environmental air quality. The system collects real-time data of CO, formaldehyde, SO2 and benzene in ambient air, and realizes automatic monitoring of ambient air quality. The staff can analyze the ambient air quality through the data stored and displayed at the receiving end, thus providing technical basis and important support for improving the operation of ambient air quality. The experimental results show that the system has stable performance, high data transmission reliability and strong transplantation ability, and can be widely used in other fields for automatic monitoring of environmental parameters.


Air quality, wireless sensor network(WSN), multi parameter monitoring, design

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