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Remote-control Heating Device for Improving Electric Vehicle's Winter Endurance Ability

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs.2018.038


Yang Yuxin

Corresponding Author

Yang Yuxin


A remote heating control device is designed to improve the winter endurance of electric vehicles. The main purpose of this device is to overcome the disadvantages of electric cars such as obvious reduction of battery life range and inconvenient heating control in winter due to the decrease of temperature, the decrease of battery activity, and the large amount of electric energy needed for heating air conditioning. When the car is connected to the charging pile, the battery heating system and air conditioning of the electric car can be remotely controlled by SMS, and the energy of the charging pile can be consumed for heating, so as to solve the problem of significantly reducing the driving range of electric cars in winter.


Electric vehicle battery heating, air conditioning heating, remote control, charging and discharging performance, endurance

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