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A Review of Research on Management Self-efficacy

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DOI: 10.23977/etemss.2018.1603


Xiaotong Xu, Weidong Jiang

Corresponding Author

Xiaotong Xu


Managers play a leading role in the activities of the entire organization. The self-efficacy of managers not only affects their own management performance, but also affects the entire organization. Therefore, research on managerial self-efficacy will have an important effect on employees, managers themselves, and the entire organization. Through analysis of a large number of related literatures at home and abroad, this paper first defines the concept of general self-efficacy, and then summarizes the factors affecting self-efficacy mainly include pre-performance, competency, goal setting, attribution, and demographic factors. In terms of outcome variables, the relationship between management self-efficacy and managerial work attitude, work behavior, and job performance is discussed. Finally, in order to solve the problems existing in the current research and future development prospects, further research directions are proposed.


General self-efficacy, Management self-efficacy, Job performance, Work attitude

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