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Design on CMOS Integrated Circuit of Low Power Consumption

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs.2018.056


Fengwen Qian

Corresponding Author

Fengwen Qian


An integrated circuit is a kind of microelectronic device or component. CMOS circuit is one of them. It has the advantages of high integration, low power consumption and strong anti-interference ability, and is the main technology of integrated circuits. Based on the working principle of CMOS integrated circuits, this paper analyzes the low-power CMOS integrated circuit design technology and proposes a low-power CMOS integrated circuit design method. Design techniques include: dynamic power design, static power design, and low-power synthesis. Design methods include: reduced load capacitance, sleep mode, dual threshold voltage, reduced switching activity hopping rate, asynchronous logic, input, gated clock. The research results in this paper are used to guide the practice of CMOS integrated circuit design and will play an important role in reducing CMOS integrated circuits.


Low power consumption, CMOS, integrated circuit, working principles, design techniques, design methods

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