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Dynamics study of nonlinear mechanical vibration systems

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs.2018.067


Pang Junru

Corresponding Author

Pang Junru


Nowadays, the structure of modern machinery is increasingly complex, the speed of the machine continues to increase, so the problem of nonlinear vibration caused by gap and dry friction is becoming more and more common. In this paper, a dynamic model of a common mechanical system is established. The motion law of the system under different conditions is studied by combining theoretical calculation with numerical simulation. Taking the interaction between the brake pad and the brake disc as an example, based on the analysis of vertical excitation and frictional flutter, the dynamic characteristics of the nonlinear mechanical vibration system are deeply studied. It provides a reference for the improvement of bad vibration and noise, and make the train stable and comfortable.


Nonlinear, mechanical vibration system, disc brake, dynamic analysis

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