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Analysis on the Quality Problems and Preventive Measures of Prefabricated Building Construction

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs.2018.079


Yadi Duan, Guanlei Li

Corresponding Author

Yadi Duan


Prefabricated building construction has strong environmental protection characteristics and also shows high application advantages in terms of construction cost and construction efficiency. It plays a good role in promoting the construction technology level. However, in the process of prefabricated building construction, there still exists some inevitable quality defects, which have a large impact on the overall quality of the construction project. It is not conducive to the scientific development of the construction industry. Therefore, effective measures must be taken for the prefabricated assembly. The quality problems in building construction are prevented, so that the quality of building construction is effectively guaranteed. This paper analyzes the common quality problems in prefabricated building construction and puts forward some specific measures according to the actual situation, hoping to provide an effective reference for the prevention of common quality problems in prefabricated building construction.


Prefabricated, building construction, quality problems, preventive measures

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