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Application Research of Indoor Plant Wall in Interior Decoration Design

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs.2018.081


Hu Xiaoli

Corresponding Author

Hu Xiaoli


In the current architectural design, interior design has become an important content of concern. While creating a comfortable and comfortable living environment, the plant curtain wall has become an important way and means of decoration. In order to study the application of plant curtain wall in interior design, the paper analyzes the three aspects of design scheme, plant selection and design idea and uses AHP evaluation method to comprehensively evaluate the application of plant curtain wall in interior design. After analyzing the influencing factors of the interior design of the plant curtain wall, the excellent reference standard for constructing the plant wall is selected, which not only can achieve better interior decoration effect, but also enhance its artistic aesthetic value.


Plant curtain wall, interior design, design method, evaluation

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