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Research on Green Development of Coal Industry——Taking Yongcheng City as an Example

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DOI: 10.23977/etemss.2018.1608


Ruiyuan Guo

Corresponding Author

Ruiyuan Guo


This paper takes Yongcheng as an example to study the green development of the coal industry. Yongcheng is a typical resource-based city and has abundant coal resources. It is one of the six largest anthracite coal bases in China. The paper is divided into six parts. The first part analyzes the importance of the development of the green coal industry in Yongcheng. The second part first defines the coal industry, and then elaborates on the definition and methods of the green development of the coal industry. The third part analyzes the distribution of coal resources in Yongcheng and the status quo of coal industry development. The fourth part analyzes in detail the problems in the development of the Yongcheng coal industry. The fifth part proposes an effective mode for the development of the coal industry in Yongcheng. The sixth part proposes corresponding solutions to the problems. The above analysis results show that there are three main problems in the implementation of green development in the Yongcheng coal industry. There are four proposed feasibility suggestions, namely the establishment of an eco-industrial park, the establishment of a coal university, the establishment of a coal green economy museum and the rational planning of a mining area. The results of this study have provided certain practical guidance for the green development of “coal resource-based cities”.


Yongcheng, coal industry, Green development, Development mode

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