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Research on the Application of Computer Software Technology in the Era of Big Data

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs.2018.093


Chen Shuang, Luo Qiqiang

Corresponding Author

Chen Shuang


With the comprehensive development of China’s social economy, the development of science and technology has ushered in a new stage, and the innovation and development of computer technology is the most important evidence. At present, computer information technology has entered people’s life and becomes a necessary part, bringing great assistance for people’s work and study. In the era of big data, the application of computer software technology is more extensive and the development prospect is more prosperous. Therefore, it is significant to improve computer software technology, which can enhance the overall operation speed of China’s economy to a great extent. Based on this, this paper explores and analyzes the actual application of computer software technology and provides personal opinions.


The era of big data, computer software technology, application research

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