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Risk Assessment of Benzene Homologues in Correction Fluids

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DOI: 10.23977/isaem.2018.036


He Shujuan, Zhao Qichao, Liu Yan, Chen Chang

Corresponding Author

He Shujuan


The research is carried out potential health assessment of benzene homologues exposure in correction fluids to primary and secondary students. 10 brands of correction fluids including two hundreds representative and typical samples were collected in Hebei province of China for detecting contents of toluene and xylene (3 isomers). And then, it was established risk assessment model on the basis of the contents of benzene homologues and physiological characteristic of primary and secondary students. The results is indicated that it was checked out xylene isomers residual solvents from 3 brands of samples, the average detection rate is 30%, and the target hazard quotients (THQ) is greater than 1. Because correction fluids was caused exposure health risk by respiration and ingestion, it suggested that relevant departments was needed to formulate and revise the national compulsory standards for defining limited values of toluene and xylene in correction fluids.


Correction fluids, toluene, xylene, risk assessment, exposure value

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