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Application Analysis of Mobile Learning Tools in Modern Distance Education

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DOI: 10.23977/isaem.2018.039


Shi Yang

Corresponding Author

Shi Yang


As a traditional education method that is different from face-to-face teaching, distance education has become an increasingly important educational method in today's society because of its convenience and flexibility. With the development of communication technology and intelligent device terminals, we have entered the information age, with the further improvement of the speed and effect of information dissemination, the way of distance education has increased more selectivity. Mobile learning tools are an important carrier for distance education activities, and have a good effect on distance education. This paper analyzes the characteristics of distance education and mobile learning tools, demonstrates the feasibility of mobile learning in modern education and the remote autonomous learning model based on mobile learning, and then expounds the mobile learning tools in modern remote Application scenarios in education.


Distance education, mobile learning, application scenario

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