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Coordination of Visual Culture and Art Education

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DOI: 10.23977/etemss.2018.1612


Juan Tan

Corresponding Author

Juan Tan


In the past, traditional art education focused too much on cultivating students' visual styling skills, and paid less attention to cultivating students' visual performance and visual analysis ability. For art disciplines, several major knowledge modules, such as art criticism, art history, art creation, and aesthetics, should be integrated in the teaching process to improve the students’ knowledge structure as much as possible and improve their artistic quality. Visual culture not only marks the transformation of human cultural patterns, but also means the change of human cognitive style, thinking style and even ideology. People’s visual objects have become more and more diverse, visual experiences have become more sophisticated, and visual concepts have also undergone great changes, and their visual capabilities have also been greatly improved.


Visual culture, Art education, Collaboration, Research methodologies

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