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A Study on the Cultivation Mode of Innovative Talents in Rehabilitation Therapeutics Specialty in Aging Society

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DOI: 10.23977/etemss.2018.1627


Gu Yanchun, Zhao Chunshan

Corresponding Author

Zhao Chunshan


With the arrival of the aging population society in China, accordingly the demographic structure of our country has also changed, which has a great influence on our country’s medical security system, especially in the medical care, the old-age care and other systems. In order to meet the requirements of social development, train a large number of rehabilitation therapeutics talents for the society, this paper analyzes and optimizes the talents cultivation measures as well as modes concerning the major of the rehabilitation therapeutics in details, hoping it is helpful to the cultivation of the talents specialized in the rehabilitation therapeutics.


Population ageing, Rehabilitation therapeutics, Talent cultivation, Mode

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