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Research on Parallel Processing Framework of Power Big Data

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DOI: 10.23977/iccsc.2017.1001


HU Bin, LUO Li-ming, YANG Pei, HUANG Tai-gui and ZHANG Li-ping

Corresponding Author

HU Bin


With the application of the power of big data landing and deepening, which put forward higher requirements on the performance analysis, and based on multi node parallel processing technology will become one of the core support technology and the rapid development of the application of power analysis of big data. This paper briefly analyzes the application requirements of large power parallel data processing, this paper presents a parallel processing framework for the power of big data and the realization method of management services and computing services in detail the design, research and development of parallel processing platform for the power of big data, and based on the national power quality monitoring data, comparison test Hive and 1.1.0. Compared with the experimental results, the results show that, when the node size is relatively small, the power big data parallel processing platform is less obvious than Hive 1.1.0. However, with the increasing size of the nodes, the advantages of the large data parallel processing platform of power are larger than that of Hive 1.1.0.


Power big data, Parallel Processing, Power quality, Hive

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