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Cemetery Navigation and Information Query System Based on Android and Java Web

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DOI: 10.23977/iccsc.2017.1002


Chao Ding, Yongjie Yang, Rui Pan

Corresponding Author

Chao Ding


In view of the problems that cemetery location is difficult to find, as well as the congestion of parking lot, this paper design a cemetery navigation and information query system, which can facilitate people's life and strengthen the management of cemeteries. System is mainly composed of three parts: Java Web servers, Android App and acquisition terminal of parking data. The server relies on JFinal framework which can acquire data, handle data, and at the same time, returns a response to users. MAppWidget open source framework is the core of Android App, which is combined with Floyd shortest path algorithm to realize fast navigation. Parking data acquisition terminal’s core is STC12 single chip; it gets information of the parking node from ultrasonic sensor. These data will be post to server, meanwhile users can use Android App to make decisions of which place to park their car.


Cemetery, Parking congestion, Android, Java Web, STC12.

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