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Hezhe hunting costume pattern in Wenchuang products Design application

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DOI: 10.23977/iemb.2019.037


Yuchen Gao, Shuyu Li

Corresponding Author

Shuyu Li


Objective to explore the application methods of Hezhe traditional hunting costume patterns in the design of cultural and creative products, and to explore the model of extraction and translation methods suitable for patterns in different nationalities and regions. Methods From the three aspects of material, non-material, whole, partial, and extraction and translation, the design elements of the patterns in the traditional hunting costumes of Hezhe were extracted, and the information base of design elements was established. The combination of best-selling cultural and product categories, the development of multi-angle, multi-meaning, multi-form cultural and creative products. Conclusion It provides a practical and feasible path for the design of cultural and creative products based on the characteristics of national culture, promoting the spread of regional culture and the development of cultural and creative industries.


BP Neural Network, Prediction

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