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The Theory of Confidence in China’s Culture in the New Era Runs through the Whole Process of Ideological and Political Education

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DOI: 10.23977/iemb.2019.057


Shouguan Huang

Corresponding Author

Shouguan Huang


Confidence in the path theory system and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics and integration of college students' ideological and political education is an inevitable requirement for the innovation of college students' ideological and political education. It is an objective requirement for enriching and perfecting the content of ideological and political theory courses, and it is an era appeal for consolidating and strengthening the construction of ideological positions. Therefore, colleges and universities should adhere to the three principles of "high moral values establishment and people cultivation", "recessive and explicit", "theory and practice", and integrate confidence in China’s culture into the ideological and political education of college students through various channels, leading the students to consciously confidence in China’s culture, which has a positive effect on enhancing the pertinence and effectiveness of ideological and political education.


confidence in China’s culture, ideological and political education, classroom teaching

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