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Design of Driving and Circulation System for Polar Ice Drilling with a Rolling Movable Teeth Transmission

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DOI: 10.23977/meet.2019.93710


Li Lujia, Li Songjing

Corresponding Author

Li Lujia


Cable-suspended electromechanical coring drills are widely used in polar ice coring drilling. Previously, when the drive and circulation system of the cable electromechanical coring drills used to be driven by a reduction transmission device, during the process of meshing, each pair of gear teeth was prone to fatigue damage due to the interaction vibration between the teeth. In addition, the high torque would cause the destruction of the deceleration transmission, and owing to the relatively short life, the reliability of the devicewould be poor. Because of the staff work in the polar region having an extreme cold and anoxic environment, the labor intensity of the personnel and number of maintenances of equipment should be minimized in polar drilling. Hence, it is paramount to improve the reliability of the reduction transmission device. In this study, the driving and circulation system for polar ice drilling was designed. A new type of transmission structure is proposed, namely, the rolling movable teeth reduction transmission device. There are prospects for application in the polar region.


Ice Drilling, Driving And Circulation System, Reduction Transmission Device, Rolling Movable Teeth Transmission

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