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Optimization scheme based on web front-end load balancing

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DOI: 10.23977/meet.2019.93713


Gao Yuan, Huang Mengxing

Corresponding Author

Huang Mengxing


Load balancing technology is an application of cluster technology. The load balancing technology is a scheduling method and strategy built on the network structure, which not only effectively expands the server bandwidth and increases the throughput, but also enhances the network data processing capability. Traditional load balancing network service system consists of several servers in a symmetrical way. Each load balancing back-end server has the same status. It can provide services independently without the assistance of other servers. In this case, there are sometimes some unusual service requests, and the symmetrical server collection facing external threats may cause all servers to crash. In this regard, we propose another load balancing scheme, which establishes a super server in multiple servers to handle receiving abnormal data requests. This paper proposes an optimization algorithm based on Web front-end load balancing. Through the initial simulation of the algorithm, the performance of the cluster server can be improved.


Load Balancing, Cluster, Web Front-End

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