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A Model Study on the Maintenance Operational Ergonomics of a Typical Posture

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DOI: 10.23977/meet.2019.93718


Hanqing Chen, Jianping Hao

Corresponding Author

Hanqing Chen


The narrowness of the maintenance work space often leads to the situation that the maintenance personnel are difficult to apply force. The time characteristic of the maintenance force indicates whether the limit strength of the maintenance personnel in the bad posture can overcome the maintenance resistance and determine whether it can complete the given operation. Therefore, based on the analysis results of the key influencing factors of maintenance work efficiency, this paper proposes the design method of upper limb operating force limit measurement experiment, obtains the power limit and force maximum duration data under typical posture, and establishes the maximum force regression model of equipment maintenance operation, which is virtual. Maintainability analysis provides basic strength data. At the same time provide advice to the grassroots maintenance operators.


Maintenance Ergonomics, Power Limit, Duration,

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