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Research in Analysis IT Security Policy and Security Solution

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DOI: 10.23977/meet.2019.93728


Kai Liao, Feng Li

Corresponding Author

Kai Liao


This research paper will state the IT Security Policy, and list all of component of that. The main problem of IT security policy is from the people, mistake of staff and hacker attack, and all of this is hard to avoid. Therefore our Security Policy should include the various methods facing difference situation. For example we establish firewalls to improve the security and install Anti-Virus for every computer. Furthermore, setting different viewing permissions and the entire in-house network will be monitored by administrators. And then, build a thorough backup system by on-line database, removable drivers to save data and information completely. Even if every method all data have been destroy or the operation system clash, we can recovery because of back-up frequency is plan of policy. According the size of organisation, we can change the main policy.


Information Technology, Organisation, Security, Policy

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