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A Low-Cost Music-Interactive Accompanying Robot for Children with Autism

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DOI: 10.23977/meet.2019.93731


Chuqi Xiong

Corresponding Author

Chuqi Xiong


This paper examines a music-interactive accompanying robot that is designed to improve the conditions of children with autism and help them regulate their moods. Compared to some of the current products that share the same goal as this robot, this musical robot has lower costs, more friendly appearance, and is better at providing and analyzing data for medical professionals. Through recognizing different NFC cards of various colors, this robot helps the children with autism identify their current moods and gives them a chance to create their own music in order to calm themselves down when they are feeling angry. Moreover, this robot will help the children connect their moods to different styles of music. The Arduino MEGA within the robot drives the entire system; the Bluetooth has the role of connecting Android devices with the robot itself (a bear toy). The control interface of the APP is made through APP Inventor.


Autism, Social Robotics, Arduino, Accompanying Robot

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