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Performance Study of New Microwave Darkroom Shielding Effect

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DOI: 10.23977/meet.2019.93732


Zhao Quan

Corresponding Author

Zhao Quan


To study the transmission frequency range and transmission mode characteristics of wireless communication radio frequency equipment, the microwave darkroom was used to shield external electromagnetic interference. Absorbing materials were used to suppress interference from internal electromagnetic multipath reflections. The combination of the two resulted in a relatively silent electromagnetic measurement environment. The design, evaluation and verification methods for microwave darkrooms used for measurement of urban rail transit RF equipment were mainly studied. From the perspective of transmission mode and transmission frequency band, the measurement requirements of urban rail transit RF equipment were analysed. The main parameters required for microwave darkroom design were quantitatively calculated. The results showed that the measurement environment of the microwave darkroom met the performance requirements of the design process through the evaluation of multiple performance indexes of the microwave darkroom. Therefore, microwave darkroom measurement systems are available and reliable.


Microwave Chamber, Shielding Material, Wireless Electromagnetic Wave

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